Recommeded Golf Discs

.:: Innova Disc Recommendations ::.
It can be so hard to find what the best discs are for certain situations. To help save you some research time, here is a compact list of good drivers from Innova.

Tailwinds (Great for new players):
Farthest Disc: Beast (Champion, DX)
Up to 450 Feet: Valkyrie (Champion, DX), Sidewinder (Champion)
Up to 420: Dragon (DX), Archangel (DX, Glow)
225 - 375 feet: Leopard (Champion, DX, Glow)

Windy Conditions:
Farthest Disc: Orc (Champion, Pro)
Up to 450 Feet: Viking (DX)
250 - 400 Feet: TeeBird (Champion, Pro, DX, Glow), Eagle (Champion, DX)
225 - 375 Feet: Gazelle (Champion, DX), Cheetah (Champion, DX, Glow)

Farthest Disc: Monster (Champion)
Up to 450 Feet: FireBird (Champion, DX)
250 - 400 Feet: Banshee (Champion, DX)
225 - 375 Feet: Whippet (Champion, Pro, DX, Glow)
200 - 350 Feet: Viper (DX)

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