Arrow Disc Golf Putter

Introduced in 2003, the Aerobie Arrow approach and putter golf disc brings the patented Aerobie spoiler rim to the game of disc golf. With the straightest flights and least fade of any known disc, the Arrow golf disc's unique aerodynamic design makes its flights predictable and true to the target. The disc's ergonomic grip is perfect for consistently accurate throws. PDGA approved. Weight: 164-168 grams. Available in orange, blue, and yellow.
  • Diameter 21.4

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This disc goes wherever I want to put it. One of the best discs I have ever purchased. I am pleased with it, and I feel you would be also. Peace

Throw it flat and level and it goes straight. Put it on an any and it would take a hurricane headwind to make it fade out. Very versatile and predictable. Great for super straight approach shots and hooks to either direction.
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