Aerobie Dogobie Disc

A more durable version of the Squidie Disc designed specifically for dogs. It features a "spoiler" rim for increased stability and accuracy (not to mention long distance flights). Made from a flexible, resilient rubber, it's gentle on your dog's mouth and teeth. Floats in water, making it perfect for the pool or beach.

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    I have two Border Collies, this is his FAVORITE toy and I'm here to buy a replacement. This thing went through nearly a year of torture and can still sort of fly...

    Our border collie had bitten a hole in this disc within 10 minutes. The disc itself flies well, but if your dog likes to really chew on a frisbee, this is not the one for you.

    Our two golden retrievers are big chewers and destroy most of their toys except for this frisbee. Its lasted for a year so far!
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