Ching Supreme Juju Approach Putter


The Supreme Ching Juju (formely the Ching Mojo) is a multi-purpose short range golf disc suitable for putting and approaching. What makes the Supreme Juju different from the original is that it's very flexible and has a gummy feel to it, which is great for grip! It has a distance range of about 150 feet. It has a flat sided rim for more target surface contact & friction, and to slow it down for controlled upshots. The flight is designed to be neutral in stability with minimal fade so you'll land flat where you aim. The rim depth is similar to typical putter profiles, but is comfortably enhanced by the EXCELERATOR™ contours. The lower rim built-in big bead fortifies the structure and provides a smooth release. Perfectly balanced for ultimate accuracy.

CHING® EXCELERATOR™ golf discs are unique in the Disc Golf industry. This exclusive barrier breaking Patent Pending technology allows beginners to compete like weekend warriors and experienced professionals to recognize talent beyond their previous personal best.Pick up a CHING® golf disc with Excelerator™ contours and you'll wonder why anyone would ever play with another piece of equipment.

The concept is relatively simple. Grab hold, let it rip, and watch it fly the way you expected. Excelerator™ flights generate Rotational AeroDynamics enabling players with improved grip, performance, and stability.

  • Diameter 21.3

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