ChainStar Basic Disc Golf Basket

The ChainStar™ is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, the best disc golf catching device ever made. There isn't a course in the world that would not be seriously improved by installing these baskets on it. The ChainStar™ should be a part of any course that wishes to be considered "World Class". - Scott Stokely / 1998 World Distance Record Holder

Here it is! The Discraft ChainStar™. Three radical innovations make this by far the finest disc catching device ever made. We've installed a sliding chain mechanism on top that allows give, which slows the disc down before stopping it.

The inner set of chains are staggered to seriously reduce cut-throughs by giving the disc more links to hit.

The welding and design on the Trapper™ are configured to make sure that discs that hit the bottom of the basket stay there.

Includes Top Chain Assembly, Trapper™ Basket Mounting Pipe. (57 lbs.)

*Additional fees for stand mounted
Includes basic ChainStar™ configuration plus a metal base which allows you to set up for target practice. With multiple Stand Mounted ChainStar™ Targets you can set up temporary courses for special events. The mounting stand includes an attached wheel which allows for easy mobility. (66 lbs.)

*Additional fees for Removeable version
Includes Basic ChainStar™ Configuration plus ground sleeve and locking collar assembly to allow for easy removal. With the purchase of additional ground sleeves this configuration allows for multiple target positions to even course wear and change hole design. (60 lbs.)

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