Avenger Elite X Disc Golf Driver

The Avengerâ„¢ is a maximum distance driver that can be used by ams and pros alike. You can throw it anhyzer and it comes back. You can throw it flat and it goes straight for a long way.

Staility Rating 1.6

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    I bought one and on the first time out with it I gained and average of 50 ft per throw. Best investment in my game

    This disc flies just a touch overstable, but unlike most new higher speed drivers as this one breaks in, it loses low speed stability (fade) before getting flippy. Making it a lot longer and still predictable.

    In all honesty i've had better frisbees. It's ok but it's not great. The low speed fade is unbelieveable. This disc has the ability to get you far down the course and then throw you horribly off course
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