Buzz Elite Z Disc Golf Driver

The Elite Z Buzz is Discraft's straightest flying golf disc. This is a super straight modified Wasp. This disc has excellent speed and glide giving you the distance and stability you need for a mid range disc. It will hold any line even in heavy winds. If you want to "buzz" by your competitors, this is the disc for you!

Besides Discraft's MRV, this is our favorite mid range disc!

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    Discraft’s Buzz Z Elite mid-range is all good. It doesn’t like sidearming, but it’s a beauty of a flat flyer with an extremely straight pattern that goes slightly overstable at the very, very end. Effortless is the best way of describing it. One round earned it a permanent spot in my arsenal.

    I have to say that this is my favorite straight mid range driver out there. I now have 3 mid range drivers in my bag... the buzz, discraft's mrv, and for those under stable shots, Discraft's Breeze.

    this disc is like no other i use it for short mid ranged lay ups or puts it is a good straight flying disc that should be in every players bag
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