Reaper Pro D Disc Golf Driver

The Pro D Reaper is over-stable and fast out of the hand. This disc is great for side arm or backhand distance.
Stability Rating Cross Cut View Wind Tolerant
  • Diameter 21.4

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I am a right handed fore arm thrower. This disc is my only mid range disc that i use regularly, it produces a straight line with a slight hook to it. I use it for distances, 150- 200 ft, it's excellent for this range, with proper form, it can hit the pin with deadly accurancy. Although it is no match for it's brother, the Reaper elite Z, which i can on average throw it 500+ feet, but it does handle wind fairly well and can take a beating and keep flying as expected. Good disc for a beginning side arm throw, even my G/F can throw this with accuracy after only playing a couple of times, good disc, i recommend it for beginners but a good disc nonetheless.
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