DiscWing Quarter K

Discwing Quarter K Underside

The Quarter KTM golf disc is the incredible new long range driver from Discwing. The mold for this disc is different to anything currently on the market, the key difference being that the lower half of the rim is convex, rather than concave (think a bullet profile, rather than the traditional 'talon-shaped' profile). This disc reaches similar distances as an Innova Teebird or an Innova Firebird.

After extensive research the Quarter KTM incorporates a distinct bevel edged rim design which enhances the stability whilst still retaining its maximum distance capabilities. The disc holds the line extremely well, it is a stable disc that's almost impossible to turnover and for either the sidearm or backhand player it is like no other disc on the market.

The Quarter KTM combines accuracy with speed and distance, the like of which has never been seen before. The rounded rim corner eases the airflow cleanly over the underside of the disc and provides an ergonomic grip that feels fantastic in the hand.

The enhanced deeper rim enables players to plant their fingers firmly to ensure that vital snap.

With favourable grip and durability, the disc is like nothing else you've ever thrown. Available in Quarter KTM red or white, each disc is imprinted with our Latin motto which marks the disc out as a unique product steeped in authenticity.

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    Comparisons to other discs are very tricky due to the style of mold on the Quarter K. I throw around 450' off the tee, using a 170g DX Beast by preference, though I can reach similar distance with a Teebid or a Firebird if I get them right. Using the QuarterK (also around 170g), I've broken 500' on a number of occasions. For my best throws with it, I've released it on a fairly steep hyzer and it comes up over flat and into a HUGE left-to-right glide phase, before fading out hard at the end of its flight. My initial thought was that it was maybe too flippy, but I never seem to actually over-flip it. Even when I think I have, it's almost like it can't actually turn over more than a set amount. I've seen a couple of lower power players throw this disc, players who throw Valks as overstable, and they seem to struggle with it, as it fades out of their anhyzer too fast.

    This disc is awsome! It has excellent grip. When I got my Quarter K my hands were clamy because I was so excited. If your looking for a long range driver, here it is. This disc will serve you well. It fights head winds really well and its a good side-arm disc. I say this is one of the best long range diver you can get. My wieght I got mine in was 164 grams. It has a really good balance to it with that wieght. This is also a really good and reliable comany too. This disc is for everyone!

    This disc flys fast and far with a stability rating some where between 0 and a +1. It is my farthest flying disc in my bag. But don't hit any tree's or roads. This disc does not take much of a beating, because of the some what soft rubbery make up of the disc. My disc has hit a few tree's and is real beat up looking, but surprisingly it still throws pretty good once you bend it back into place. This disc could be the best disc out there if it was made of a champion or Z plastic.
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