Banshee Champion Line Disc Golf Driver

The Banshee is a versatile and dependable overstable driver. It has a high degree of predictability, throw after throw. You can count on a Banshee to perform even into the wind. It is an excellent disc for sidearm, backhand and overhead throws, offering predictable, dependable flights.

Best Choice for: Headwind driver, spike hyzers, sidearm driver, hyzer shots, players turning over other discs.

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  • Diameter 21.2

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When compared to the Monster some people might think that the Monster performs better than the Banshee. However, I would give my vote to the Banshee. Why? Because of all the overstable discs out there, I think the Banshee is the most controlable.

Fantastic disc- I can outdrive many a fellow player with this disc; it flies esp. well for me sidearm. I will compare this disc to a discraft Reaper. goes straight, far, and has a very predictable finish.
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