Skeeter DX Midrange Driver

Get bit by the Skeeter! The Skeeter is a small diameter Mid-Range disc with a straight flight and slight, but dependable fade. This disc is one of the best discs we make that putts, approaches, and drives dependably and accurately. Ideal for all skill levels.

Best Choice for: Stable straight shots, approaches, placement shots, putting.

Beginner Friendly / Roller Innova Skeeter Disc Golf Rating

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    It is a great mid-range disc. I threw It 250 Ft. last week against my cousin's Roc and out drove it.

    This disc flies exactly where you throw it... there isn't any guessing in what it will do for you. If you Hyzer it will hold a nice Hyzer... if you AnHyzer, it will hold that AnHyzer line. If you throw it straight it will fly straight. This disc has worked so well for me, I may retire my ROC.
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