Wraith Pro Line Disc Golf Driver

INNOVA's newest addition to the Distance Driver line. It is our longest and fastest Distance Driver to date. It is a stable flyer that performs predictably well in the wind with speed, glide and accuracy. This is our most durable Distance Driver in Pro plastic. This disc performs remarkably well when thrown at less than full speed as well as at full speed. The Pro Wraith is an excellent side arm disc. It is available in weights from 170 to 175 grams.

Best Choice for: Maximum Distance, long hyzers, tailwind drives, intermediate to advanced players looking for the ultimate distance disc.

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    Fantastic distance disc! I was play the other day and ripped 40 feet past a hole that i usually come short on. Amazing

    This disc is absolutley incredible! For the past few years I have been using an Archangel. On one particular hole on a course that is near my home I would lay up about 20-30 feet short of the hole. Just the other day I shot the same hole with the Wraith and I overdrove the hole by 20 feet! If you need a disc to instantly improve your driving game this is it.

    I've actually lost this disc by throwing it too far. I tried a "slight" hyzer and it ended up going straight to the right and kept on going! I've just begun to try anhyzers and with much success over my much stronger friend. This disc is frikkin awesome in distance! A lot of people I see golfing use this disc for their first and sometimes second rips.
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