Wraith Star Line Disc Golf Driver

INNOVA's newest addition to the Distance Driver line. It is our longest and fastest Distance Driver to date. It is a stable flyer that performs predictably well in the wind with speed, glide and accuracy. This is our most durable Distance Driver in Pro plastic. This disc performs remarkably well when thrown at less than full speed as well as at full speed. The Pro Wraith is an excellent side arm disc. It is available in weights from 170 to 175 grams.

Best Choice for: Maximum Distance, long hyzers, tailwind drives, intermediate to advanced players looking for the ultimate distance disc.

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    I love this disc i bought it becuase i thought it was a cool name at first plus its a high speed disc. After buying this disc i developed a flex shot that greatly increased my distance. And the star plastic is nice because it'll take the beating that shot gives my disks much better than the typical dx plastic. I got mine in black i would suggest a different color its a lot harder to find in the open grass than i would have expected. This disc also has performed well for me with both my backhand and even the occasion sidearm shot that i throw.

    The disc does what it says flying farther then any disc I've used before. It gave me an extra 30 feet on my drive. I throw side arm (right handed) and sometimes the disc does break hard right but when you get that perfect throw she soars far, long, and straight. I wouldn't recommend this as a first disc for anyone. It requires real force every throw.

    I bought this disc about a month ago. Its great as a side arm and for back hand... The only drawback to this is that it will probably go farther than the hole. Still great disc and also the Starline disc material holds up very well..
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