Aurora Quantum MS Mid Range Disc Golf Driver

Surprisingly few players really appreciate the importance of midrange discs. Smart golfers know that, in many cases, accuracy is more important than distance. And better players have success using midrange discs off the tee when it's appropriate. Millennium's midrange discs are super predictable and can be the cornerstone of a solid golf game. Available from 145 to 180 grams (Aurora MS generally available from 163-180) The Aurora MS (Midrange Straight) may be the truest flying disc ever made. It has no rollover, virtually no fade, and surprising distance for a midrange disc. All you have to do is control the angle and watch it makes great right curve, left curve, or dead straight shots. Plus it's made from the same material as Millennium's long-lasting drivers. The MS is the best all-around golf disc you can buy. It's the one disc to have if you're just getting started in disc golf. Don't play a round without it.
Beginner Friendly
  • Diameter 21.8

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This is by far the straightest flying disc in my bag. This thing goes exactally where you throw it. Driving has never been my strong point, but with this disc in my bag I can make up for a bad drive every time.
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