PDGA Playing Cards

Deck of high quality playing cards featuring some of the best Disc Golf players and chracters who have been influential in the developement of the sport.


  • ACES - Ken Climo, Barry Schultz, Juliana Korver, Des Reading
  • KINGS - Dave Feldberg, Nate Doss, Elaine King, Birgitta Lagerholm
  • QUEENS - Cameron Todd, Ron Russell, Carrie "Burl" Berlogar, Valarie Jenkins
  • JACKS - Steve Rico, Brian Schweberger, Courtney Peavy, Lesli Todd
  • TENS - Brad Hammock, Stan McDaniel, Nadine Cosgrove, Angela Tschiggfrie
  • NINES - Marcus Kallstrom, Jesper Lundmark, Jussi Meresmaa, Timo Pursio
  • EIGHTS - Scott Martin, Timmy Gill, Avery Jenkins, Kevin McCoy
  • SEVENS - Dean Tannock, Jim Oates, Jim Myers, Joe Mela
  • SIXES - David Greenwell, Al Schack, Tom Monroe, Greg Hosfeld
  • FIVES - Kozo Shimbo, Yasushi Jitsuhiro, Chris Max Voight, Derek Robins
  • FOURS - Rick Voakes, Sylvia Voakes, Peter Shive, Ted Williams
  • THREES - John Ahart, Harod Duvall, Sam Ferrans, Steve Wisecup
  • TWOS - Jay Reading, Don Wilchek, Joel Kelly, John Houck
  • JOKERS - "Steady" Ed Headrick, The PDGA Staff

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