Innova DX Beginner Disc Golf Bundle


This bundle contains Innova's Aviar, Cheetah & Shark DX golf discs.

The Aviar Putt & Approach is the number one putter in disc golf. It has won more World Championships than all other putters combined. Our most popular disc used for putts, approaches and short drives. Its soft plastic provides a comfortable grip and makes it stick in the chains.
Speed = 3
Glide = 3
Turn = 0
Fade = +1

The Cheetah is between Leopard and Gazelle for range and stability. The Cheetah is very good for long range line drives shots.
Speed = 6
Glide = 4
Turn = -2
Fade = +2

The Shark is the best all around golf disc! It is a very accurate driver and approach disc. The Shark is between the Roc and the Cobra.
Speed = 4
Glide = 4
Turn = 0
Fade = +2

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    I just got my discs and played for the first time with them yesterday. WOW, they rock. My friend always beats me, but last night I beat him for the first time. I used the "Shark" on the approach on the 17th, and drained a birdie from 75 feet to seal the deal! These discs rock!!!
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