Innova DX Beginner Driver Disc Golf Bundle


This bundle contains Innova's Gazelle, Leopard & Stingray DX disc golf discs.

The Gazelle is the choice of high power players for most very long range shots because of its versatility and control. The Gazelle also holds a line well in windy situations.
Speed = 6
Glide = 4
Turn = 0
Fade = +2

The Leopard is our longest line drive flier, it should be everyone’s first ultra long range driver. It is useful for long straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. The Leopard also becomes a great roller once it becomes "experienced".
Speed = 6
Glide = 5
Turn = -3
Fade = +1

The Stingray is our best driver for right turns. It has a long glide and a flight pattern that helps to stretch out drives for newer players. Its useful life span is extended when it gets worn and becomes our most popular roller.
Speed = 5
Glide = 5
Turn = -5
Fade = +1

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