Innova DX Overstable Disc Golf Driver Bundle


This bundle contains the Innova Firebird, Banshee & Whippet disc golf discs.

The Firebird is our longest ultra long range upwind driver. The Firebird’s superior speed and stability make play on windy days a breeze. Not recomended for beginners.
Speed = 9
Glide = 3
Turn = 0
Fade = +4

The Banshee is very reliable in all wind conditions and will fly further into the wind than any other disc. An excellent power disc for backhand and sidearm.
Speed = 8
Glide = 3
Turn = 0
Fade = +3

The Whippet is a very long over-stable flyer used for long left hooking shots. The Whippet holds up extremely well in a headwind. The Whippet is a high power disc suitable for professional level players.
Speed = 6
Glide = 3
Turn = +1
Fade = +5

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