Snap Whitler Approach Golf Disc


Snap’s first disc has arrived and it is honey! Inspired by discsports legend and Snap team captain, Glen ‘the Whitler’ Whitlock, this disc is the first in a series of retro discs from Snap, which will be known (and worshipped) from now onwards as the ‘legend line’- disc design as legendary as the players endorsing them. The shots for which these discs have been designed are what the masters of disc golf have built their monumental careers on.

‘The Whitler’ design combines the wisdom and insight of Whitlock’s specifications for a true ‘touch’ disc with Snap’s commitment to uncompromised product excellence. Its wide diameter and deep dish rim make for a slow, controlled, and true flight, totally responsive to your touch on weight and edge.

Where we fill the void on touch discs of old is in our ‘Legend’ polymer series. We have set unprecedented standards in the material chosen for ‘the Whitler’ and guarantee this disc will not be one to beat-in too quickly...that is if you can get it to beat in at all! Product testing included weeks of all pavement play, point blank smashing against metal sign edges, sacrificing the disc under passing buses etc.

So how will the Whitler help your game? Unlike any disc on the disc golf market today, the Whitler fills the gap between a long putt and a midrange lay up, allowing you to make a controlled run for the pin from way outside. ‘Cause let’s face it, you can’t always afford to lay-up for par! Call it a chip, hybrid, or touch disc, this is the tool you need to Whittle down your score whether you have a putt or not!

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