Scott Stokely Instructional DVD Video Set - 3 Discs


The Scott Stokely Instructional Video Series is the most comprehensive instructional resource in the sport of disc golf. Scott covers every aspect of the game of Disc Golf with simple and basic explanations, demonstrations and exclusive video footage for the new, intermediate, and advanced player while including many sophisticated game strategies for the seasoned pro and everyone between.

By simply watching these videos and applying the "Scott Stokely method", you will see improvement in your game almost immediately. Learn to drive farther, be more accurate, putt better, approach, and even play the wind to your advantage.

Not only are these the best instructional videos on the market, they are also entertaining and fun with everything from a cool soundtrack to outrageous outtakes.

Video #1 Covers - 38 Minutes

  • Backhand for Finesse
  • Backhand for Power
  • Disc Selection
  • Distance and the 360° Turnaround
  • Pro Tips and Strategy
  • Outtakes

Video #2 Covers - 44 Minutes

  • Throwing Sidearm
  • Trick Shots
  • The Mental Game
  • Disc Golf Etiquette
  • Why You Should Warm-up
  • How to Practice Effectivly
  • More Pro Tips
  • More Outtakes

Video #3 Covers - 46 Minutes

  • Putting
  • Approaching
  • Wind Play
  • Specialty Putting
  • Updated Disc Selection
  • More Pro Tips
  • More Outtakes

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