Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

A high performance outdoor boomerang, the Orbiter will fly out about 90 feet and then it really does come back. It combines an easy to throw, high tech, triangular design with a bright colored, soft rubber edge. Together these features make it easy to throw and see in flight and also soft to catch. The Orbiter boomerang is shipped to retailers in cartons containing an assortment of the following colors: orange, magenta, and yellow. Recommended for kids 13 years old and up. It is quality made in the U.S.A. Size: 11 1/2" sided equalateral triangle.


THROWING THE ORBITER BOOMERANG First a word of advice. It takes some practice to successfully throw a high performance boomerang such as the Orbiter. Don't get discouraged if your first few throws don't come back. Carefully follow directions and keep trying. It takes practice.

Select a large open area (at least 50 yards in diameter) free of trees and other obstructions. Also, select a day when the wind is very light (5 mph or less). Higher winds make the flight pattern of an Orbiter boomerang unpredictable.

THE GRIP - Although the Orbiter boomerang is primarily designed to be thrown with the right hand, it can be thrown with the left hand as shown in the illustration. Grip one corner of the boomerang and hold the boomerang high and in front of your right shoulder with the printed side facing you. Your index finger should be in front of the corner.

THE THROW - Tilt the boomerang 30 degrees down to the right from vertical. Throw the boomerang maintaining that angle while aiming toward the ground approximately 30 yards in front of you. Release the boomerang at about eye level while imparting strong topspin with your index finger.

FLIGHT PATTERNS - Your throw may need adjustment to get the boomerang to come back to you. See the adjacent diagram.

TUNING AN AEROBIE ORBITER - The Orbiter boomerang can be "tuned" to adjust its flight. When you purchased it, the boomerang tips were bent 1/8" higher than the sides for optimal flights. You can slightly bend all tips up for higher flights and down for lower ones.

SAFE PLAY - Make sure you throw an Orbiter boomerang in a space clear of people and other obstructions. Particularly when learning, the flight path of a boomerang can be quite unpredictable. Cease play if there is insufficient light to clearly see the boomerang in flight.

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