Scott Stokelys Guide to Playing Disc Golf


The national champion Scott Stokely has written a great book reviewing many different disc golf techniques to improve ones game. Inside this 145 page book (including photos) you will find information on the following aspects:

  • Chapter 1: What is Disc Golf?
  • Chapter 2: Where to Play and Who to Play With
  • Chapter 3: Getting into the Throw
  • Chapter 4: The Backhand
  • Chapter 5: The Sidearm
  • Chapter 6: The Putt
  • Chapter 7: Special Shots and Conditions
  • Chapter 8: Strategy
  • Chapter 9: The Mental Game
  • Chapter 10: The Importance of Training
  • Chapter 11: Selecting a Disc

Chapter 11's "Selecting a Disc" is a great resource! It contains information about 99% of the discs out there. Such information contains stability ratings, what discs are good for what types of throw. Great for beginners, and invaluable to advanced players!

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