Discraft 160 gram Sky-Styler

The Sky-Styler™ is the perfect freestyle disc. At 160 grams it is the perfect weight for brushing and guiding. With a slightly sharper angled inside edge, rimming couldn't be easier. This disc has more world titles in the 90's than any other. Find out why this disc is the freestylers' choice!

One of the most dramatic event in disc sports, freestyle combines aspects of rhythmic gymnastics and dance to create exciting routines choreographed to music. Based on the simple game of throw and catch, freestyle has evolved into a sophisticated event with moves such as air brushing, nail delays, and triple-spinning catches. Teams are judged in artistic impression and difficulty in a similar manner as figure skating. The Freestyle Players Association is the official organization representing Freestyle and is sponsored by Discraft. Check out the Official FPA Web Page and read the latest issue of the FPA Forum, or visit www.frisbee.com, another valuable resource for freestylers. You can join the FPA for $10 and receive a freestyle disc for free.

The best way to learn freestyle is to play with other freestylers in your area (check out www.frisbee.com for a list of jam spots and freestylers worldwide). Besides basic throws and catches, it is helpful to learn the fundamentals of the nail delay and air brush first. The nail delay, or spinning the disc on your finger nail, is a basic freestyle skill, as is the air brush. Check out basic and advanced freestyle tips from frisbee.com.

In addition to various freestyle tournaments held around the world, the big event every year is the FPA World Championships where teams compete in four divisions: Women's Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Open Pairs, and Co-Op (threesomes).

Most competitive freestylers use a 160-gram Discraft Skystyler™. I prefer the Discraft Skystyler™ because it's lighter and is better suited to my style of air-brushing. The Skystyler™ is definitely the preferred disc on the circuit. Some players also like smaller discs for wind play. A dry silicone lubricant is applied to the disc to make the nail delay easier.

  • Diameter 26.7

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