Firebird Champion Line Disc Golf Driver

The Firebird is our most popular upwind distance driver. The Firebird’s combination of superior speed and stability make it possible to throw drives into the wind with confidence. An excellent disc for throwing long range flex shots. A favorite of sidearm and overhead throwers, too. This disc is designed for professional level players.

Best Choice for: Headwinds, power players, big hyzers, flex shots, stable sidearm shots.

Wind Tolerance / Advanced Player Innova Disc Golf Rating Innova Flight Path Comparison Chart
  • Diameter 21.2

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This disc is obviously good in the wind; but I keep a beat-up old one in my bag as I find that it makes a fantastic Tomahawk (overhand) disc. Very impressive distance and reliability when thrown Tomahawk-style.

The farthest flying and most stable disc I've thrown. Takes time to learn how to throw it just right though.

Nothing against the disc but its a little to overstable for my likeing. I would reccomend a Orc if you like the Champion line Innovas. This disc is not for beginners.
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