Monster Champion Line Disc Golf Driver

The Monster is our most stable, powerful, wind beating distance driver. It is made for people who can turn over other discs into a stiff headwind. The Monster can fight some of the fiercest winds out there. We have not tested it in hurricane force winds... yet. The Monster is best suited for more advanced players.

Best Choice for: Maximum Stability, headwind driver, thumber disc, forehand/sidearm driver, advanced players looking for a very predictable headwind or hard turning driver.

Wind Tolerance / Advanced Player Innova Disc Golf Rating Innova Flight Path Comparison Chart
  • Diameter 21.2

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Customer Reviews

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I have a monster, and I personally don't like it. I'm not very powerful, and because of this the disc pulls extremely hard to the left. (right hand, backhand). In my opinion it makes a great disc for getting around trees and such, and for a sharp left hook that is sometimes needed. I can, though, see that it would make a fantastic disc if I were powerful enough to throw it properly.

The monster has recently become my favorite disc. The disc does it all! It is perfect for crushing forehand drives, big hyzers from either side, and may be the best skip disc I have ever thrown. Also works wonders in a big headwind.

i can just launch this disc what i do is throw it to the left and it flys then at the end it will break to the right and it will be a fair straight shot.
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