Aero DX Disc Golf Putter

The Aero is our best disc for beginners and players using only one disc. It is the straightest point-to-point golf disc and the easiest disc to keep on the fairway for beginners. It is a slow flying control disc with a large diameter and a significant amount of float. When broken in, the Aero will turnover very slowly and predictably. The Aero was introduced in 1983 as the first disc designed specifically for disc golf. The Aero once held the world distance record at 485 feet!

Best Choice for: All-around disc, beginners, short to medium approach shots, long gliding turnover drives, putting, jump putts.

Beginner Friendly Innova Disc Golf Rating
  • Diameter 21.7

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this is a very very straight disc. i use it with in about 100 feet and it is dead on. this discs will glide for a long way but will go where you throw it. great disc for longer putts.
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