Archangel DX Disc Golf Driver

The Archangel is our easiest distance driver to throw for distance - especially for those with less power. The Archangel’s high glide, fast speed and turning characteristic all combine to stretch out distance shots. The Archangel also doubles as an easy to turn roller disc. Lighter weights work great for younger players.

Best Choice for: New players, rollers, tailwind drives, long anhyzer shots.

Beginner Friendly / Roller Innova Disc Golf Rating Innova Flight Path Comparison Chart
  • Diameter 21.1

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This disc glides further than my friend when i'm mad.

The DX Archangel is a long gliding disc for medium power players. It beats up, and then it makes a good roller. If you like to throw with hyzer, this disc will glide a long way. - Three time Masters World Champion, Hall of Fame Member and Team Champion Member - Stan McDaniel

I beat my brother at a driving contest. He used a Star TL and I used my Archangel. (He was so angry.)
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