Cheetah DX Disc Golf Driver

The Cheetah is a great driver for throwing straight long shots at any skill level. It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stable at lower speeds and will turnover slightly at higher speeds. It is an excellent disc choice for younger disc golfers.

Best Choice for: Straight line driver, tight fairway shots, young player first driver in lighter weights.

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  • Diameter 21.2

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Tottally awsome fly's so far i got a hole in one from 230 miles away with that thing it's awsome i'm telling you man everyone needs to gwt it flys so fast and so straight get one!!!

I have a very VERY aged DX cheetah, and it's a very kooky flier. Wing it hard and it immediately flips over and runs like a mofo. toss it lightly and it heads to the right, and then curtails back the left only slightly.

A friend gave me his old one for use as a roller however this disc for me works best as a fore hand disc
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