Gator DX Disc Golf Mid Range Driver

The Gator is a very reliable overstable mid-range disc with a predictable finish. The Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots, even in windy conditions. This is a great disc for mid range shots especially for players who need to control their power and increase their accuracy.

Best Choice for: Power players, breezy days, sidearm shots, spike approaches, medium range headwind drives.

Wind Tolerance / Advanced Player Innova Disc Golf Rating
  • Diameter 21.2

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This is in my opinion the best midrange disc. It flys straight as an arrow with a very predictable fade at the end it is the most accurate disc I own. I use is for all my approach shots and I use it as my putter as well. It is also good for short line-drive holes. I would also recomend to get this disc as heavy as possible and it will stop dead where it lands and not skip away. It is the perfect midrange and approach disc, sometimes even a driver on shorter holes!
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