Stingray DX Disc Golf Driver

The Stingray is a large diameter disc that has a very predictable turn and excellent glide. It has a shallow rim that makes it easy to grip for smaller hands and allows for a smooth consistent release. These characteristics make it a good choice for beginners. The Stingray is also an excellent disc for throwing controllable mid to long range roller shots.

Best Choice for: Right turning shots, wooded courses, turnover shots, beginner disc, medium to long range roller.

Beginner Friendly / Roller Innova Disc Golf Rating
  • Diameter 21.7

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This is the most versatile disc I own. Whenever you want to play with just one disc, this is this is the one you need. it does everything that you want it to do. It flys straight as a board if you throw it at a slight angle downward. If you want a disc that you can count on in any weather condition or tricky hole it would be the stingray all the way.
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