Valkyrie DX Disc Golf Driver

The Valkyrie is a World Record holding distance driver. It is an easy to learn disc, and in lighter weights will give newer players extra distance. Lighter weights also give players extreme range when thrown downwind, while maximum weights can give excellent upwind distance. The Valkyrie’s high speed turn and flight characteristics make it great choice for long range turnover shots and rollers.

Best Choice for: First distance driver, tailwind drives, downhill distance, long turnover drives, rollers.

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  • Diameter 21.1

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I just got a 165 Valk in DX, it is WAAAY more stiff than same weight in champion, and that makes it flip back at the end even on a hard right angle (right handed). If I do that with champ it just keeps going right

This disc is practically my only driver its predictable and if you launch it this disc will fly forever I LOVE VALKYRIES

This disc is awesome. It was the second driver i got. My first was an Archangle. Both are great, but i would rather throw the Valkyrie any day.
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