K-10 FrostBite - Orange

Cold Weather Play

Hyperflite is excited to announce the introduction of its shatter-resistant K-10, appropriately named the Hyperflite K-10 FrostBite disc. Disc dog enthusiasts are well acquainted with the tendency of other canine discs to become brittle and shatter during normal use in below freezing temperatures. The K-10 FrostBite has put an end to such nonsense and canines now can enjoy the health and exercise benefits of canine disc play even in the winter months.

The Hyperflite K-10 FrostBite flying disc is softer than the K-10 Competition Standard model under normal warm weather conditions. As the temperature drops into the teens, the disc begins to firm up and takes on the feel of a K-10 Competition Standard model. The K-10 FrostBite is extremely shatter resistant in temperatures as cold as zero degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the K-10 FrostBite is colored in fluorescent orange so it can be easily spotted in the snow of winter or the leaves of fall. The Hyperflite K-10 FrostBite is the result of many months of experimentation and testing. The K-10 FrostBite discs special combination of polymers is unique and proprietary to Hyperflite.

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