K-10 PUP Competition Standard - White


Over the years a number of canine disc competitors with smaller dogs have expressed dismay that no flying disc manufacturer had designed a competition quality disc for the smaller canine. Many of those small dog owners felt, that the Fastback disc and even the smaller K-10 disc were too large for their small dogs and that the smaller miniature flying discs commercially available were difficult to grip and throw well.

Some competitors even attempted to use miniature novelty discs with their smaller canines. However, performance was never optimal for small dogs since miniature discs were not designed to be thrown to, and caught by, disc-catching canines.

It has always been our goal at Hyperflite to continue to innovate and provide solutions to the problems faced by disc doggers. After successfully introducing the K-10 line of flying discs, and establishing them as the top-performing canine competition discs in the world, we began work to raise the bar for disc dog aficionados with smaller canines. Our mission was to produce a disc that was small enough for small dogs to feel comfortable with, but large enough to be thrown by the adult hand. We also wanted to incorporate the many beneficial K-10 disc design features that have made the K-10 series popular.

After protracted and expensive design, prototyping and testing phases, we committed to producing a mold for a revolutionary small canine disc that we have named the K-10 Pup. Now small dogs will be able to compete muzzle-to-muzzle with larger dogs. When you first throw the new Pup, you will be amazed by its performance. The Pup floats even better, our tests indicate, than the larger K-10 models. Throwing the Pup will be a breeze for even novice throwers. And, if your small dog can go for the really long throws, the Pup will not dissapoint.

Hyperflite K-10 Pup discs are approximately 30-percent smaller (7 1/4"", 60 grams) than the original K-10 series (8 3/4"", 100 grams) and were designed with the small canine in mind. K-10 Pup discs feature improved aerodynamics to ensure that they fly as well as larger canine discs. All K-10 discs feature Hyperflite's unique opposed grip strips.

The K-10 Pup series of discs includes the Competition Standard, Jawz and FrostBite. Catch one today.

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