Aerobie Disc Golf Bundle


Aerobie Epic Disc Golf Driver

  • New epicyclic design combines the ultra long range of a wide rim with an optimized ergonomic grip.
  • Easily tuned by bending the rim to maximize distance and accuracy for your personal throwing style and speed.
  • PDGA Approved
Tuning your disc for optimum flight

Downward Bend
Turns Right

Upward Bend
Turns Left

Greatest accuracy and distance are achieved when a disc is launched with about ten degrees of downward lean (Hyzer angle), then rolls about five degrees beyond level but comes back at the end. The goal is just enough rollover to extend the glide but not too much, which would make the flight end up on its side.

To change the tune to match your personal throwing speed and style, hold the rim of the disc at its narrowest part (grip area) and bend it as shown above (downward to increase rollover, or upward to decrease rollover). Then rotate the disc about fortyfive degrees and repeat. Continue around the disc until you are back to where you started. The disc will creep back slightly in the first few minutes after bending and then hold its tune very well thereafter.

You can tune discs for different conditions. For example, since all discs roll over more upwind, tune one disc for less rollover and use it for upwind throws.

"No other disc I have ever thrown retains its speed as long as the Epic golf driver. The Epic's superior speed definitely gives it the distance edge."
-Erin Hemmings, holder of the world record for the longest throw in history

Aerobie Arrow Disc Golf Putter

  • Straightest flight and least fade of any known disc.
  • Predictable mid-range distance.
  • Ergonomic grip for consistently accurate throws
  • PDGA approved

"It's the most predictable disc I've ever thrown. It flies perfectly straight at any speed, even into a headwind."
-Peter Albers, Former World Flying Disc Federation World Distance Record Holder

"It was love at first throw . . . I have thrown every putter out there and this one has the best feel, the smoothest release, and the straightest flight I have ever seen in a putter. I also love how it sticks when it hits the chains."
-Matt Weinberg, who won a $2,768 ace pot using an Aerobie Arrow on 7/27/03 at the Z-Boaz course in Ft. Worth, TX

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