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Recommeded Golf Discs

.:: Innova Disc Recommendations ::.
It can be so hard to find what the best discs are for certain situations. To help save you some research time, here is a compact list of good drivers from Innova.

Tailwinds (Great for new players):
Farthest Disc: Beast (Champion, DX)
Up to 450 Feet: Valkyrie (Champion, DX), Sidewinder (Champion)
Up to 420: Dragon (DX), Archangel (DX, Glow)
225 - 375 feet: Leopard (Champion, DX, Glow)

Windy Conditions:
Farthest Disc: Orc (Champion, Pro)
Up to 450 Feet: Viking (DX)
250 - 400 Feet: TeeBird (Champion, Pro, DX, Glow), Eagle (Champion, DX)
225 - 375 Feet: Gazelle (Champion, DX), Cheetah (Champion, DX, Glow)

Farthest Disc: Monster (Champion)
Up to 450 Feet: FireBird (Champion, DX)
250 - 400 Feet: Banshee (Champion, DX)
225 - 375 Feet: Whippet (Champion, Pro, DX, Glow)
200 - 350 Feet: Viper (DX)

Online Disc Golf Game

We came across an amazing Disc Golf game from Mini Clip.

Disc Golf News
PDGA Radio News

PDGA Radio News is an Internet service to PDGA members and other disc golf enthusiasts that delivers a 15 to 25 minute audio broadcast each week. Every Tuesday morning, listeners will find a new show jam-packed with fast-paced, up to the minute, professionally produced content.

You can listen to the show anytime, and we archive each show so you can listen to past broadcasts too. All you need to hear the show is an Internet connection and a copy of either Windows Media Player or the Real Audio Player. The show will start to play immediately. PDGA Radio News streams over the Internet in low resolution, so you can listen uninterrupted regardless of how you connect to the Internet. If you enjoy what you find, please help to promote this great new feature by posting links on your websites, newsletters and email usergroups.

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