What is Disc Golf

"So what exactly is Disc Golf?" This is what my non-disc golf friends ask me when I tell them I am going "Disc Golfing". There is actually a pretty easy explanation of what this sport entails. It's pretty much like "ball" golf, except instead of using a club and a golf ball, you have a disc. So now you are asking, "Well what do mean by a disc?" This is, in "Lamen's Terms", a modified frisbee. Some people refer to it as frisbee golf, but some disc golfers get offended by that term. The reason we don't call it frisbee golf is because "Frisbee" is a brand name, so disc golfers use the term "disc".

In "ball golf", you will have different types of clubs such as drivers and putters. Each driver and putter can affect your final result in your swing. In disc golf, you have a wide range of discs that can do different things depending on what you need for each hole. For instance, if you have a tree in your way, you might need to throw a right curve on your disc, or "roll" your disc on a nice straight drive. The options are limitless, and you would really be suprised what you can do with a disc!

Ok so we know what a "disc" is, but what do we do with it? Well instead of having a "hole" as a target, disc golfers use a basket, although we still call it a hole. This basket extends above the ground four feet high and it is surrounded by chains.

Now for the objective. The objective of Disc Golf is to throw your "disc" into the basket with the least amount of throws as possible. Generally each hole has a par of "3" unless otherwise noted. Sounds easy enough? Well there are some "easy" holes, but usually each hole has obstructions such as hills, trees, or water.

Where can I learn more about Disc golf? Here at Disc Fly, we have many resources for Disc Golfers. You can research our Resources section or look at our Links section, for other web sites that contain more information.

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