Frequently Asked Questions

  • What discs should a beginner throw?
    It's important not to get caught up in the hype of all the discs when you first start out. It is much better to start with only a few discs. Learn to control those discs then experiment with other models. Good beginner Innova discs are: Aero, Aviar, Cobra, Stingray, Shark. Some good Discraft beginner discs are the Magnet, Comet, Stratus, and the XL.
  • What weight discs should I throw?
    Weight is more a matter of preference than ability. In general light discs are easier to throw faster and will fly farther except into a headwind. Heavy discs are harder to throw fast, but are easier to control in the wind. Recommended weights for inexperienced players: Putter-165g to 175g, Mid-range-165g to 170g, Driver-150g to 165g.
  • I've heard I should have at least a driver, midrange, and a putter. How do I choose what's right for me?
    Innova's Cheetah and Leopard are very good drivers that tend to go straight with moderate arm speed. The shark and the cobra are good straight flying midrange discs. The aviar and birdie are good all around putters. As far as Discrafts line, the Xpress is a great driver. It's stability rate is a "0". As stated before a good solid mid range disc is the Comet, and the MRV is growing in popularity. Many people choose a Magnet for their putter, but I personally love the APX, and now the X and Z Putt'r is growing in interest.
  • What is the difference between Innova's disc lines?
    DX - Less durable plastic, yet a great tacky feel for grip
    Pro Line - Greater durability. A happy medium between the DX and Champion Line
    Champion Line - The Champion Line also known as candy plastic has exceptional durability. The only bad thing about this disc, is loosing it!
  • What is the difference between Discrafts disc lines?
    Pro D - Least durable plastic.
    Elite X - Great plastic to that last much longer than the Pro D.
    Elite Z - The most durable plastic, yet has a cool see thru design.
    Fly Dye, Swirl - Nothing special about the plastic, they just look really cool!
    Photon UV - This is Discraft's ultra violet line of discs. These discs change from white to purple in the sun.
    Photon Glow - One of the best glow in the dark plastics on the market.
  • What discs are good for turnover shots (left to right)? Innova has a range of good turnover discs. The Stingray is a great turnover disc. It may, however, turn over too much (and roll) for some players. Other good turn over discs include: Panther, Leopard, Archangel, Spider, and the Wolf. Discraft carries the Xpress which is a great turnover disc. Ching also has a good disc. That is the Stinger. Generally most discs that are good at turnovers are also good as rollers, especially as the disc has been broken in.

Throwing Golf Discs

  • How can I throw farther?
    Distance comes from technique. You don't have to be big to throw far. Instead you need arm speed, the correct angle of release, and get your body into the throw. Most of your power comes from hip rotation.

External Resources

  • How do I find a disc golf course in my area?
    There is an online course directory that allows you to search for courses by state (or country).
  • Where can I find more information about disc golf?
    The governing body for our sport is the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The PDGA has a very informative site.
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