Signature Line

The Signature line discs were created by "Steady" Ed Headrick using exotic materials rooted in the research he did for finding the rubber used in the Superball while he was at Wham-O®. The unique plastics are incredibly durable. They bounce off hard objects and grab the chains while absorbing any chain shock.

These discs have become player favorites due to their cool grip and looks. Although these discs can be found in the hands of Disc Golf Pros., their rubbery consistancy make them essential for playground play with beginning players. The soft rubbery plastics will prevent injuries that kids can get from a harder plastic golf disc.

The Blunt™ and our PowerDrive™ disc molds in the Signature line were designed with grip and stability in mind. Ed created the molds with what he called his special "Ergomatic quick release grip" and "Power Brakes". The discs feel great in your hands and stop when they hit the ground or the chain.

"Steady" Ed was known not only for his driving skills but is incredible putting abilities. Guess what discs he used to score those putt and short approaches.

These are special discs to add to your bag. If you haven't tried them yet you wont be disappointed.

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