Latin Disc Golf

Latin America is a disc golf park waiting to happen. From the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, the real South is ready for the game we love. In some locales, baskets are already in place—everywhere! All the people need are discs.

"Impossible!" you say? The PDGA directory lists just Mexico and Peru as having disc golf courses, and only one each. That’s merely two courses for all of our neighbors below the border! I assure you, however, that Central and South America are ready for disc golf.

Check out this photo of typical garbage "can" in Paraguay. A disc golf friend moved south and was surprised to find these baskets everywhere. Admittedly, there are no chains or an upright to go with it, so it’s a hard sell for those of you who like to putt strong, but it has potential!

I looked for the same style of baskets during a trip to Costa Rica and look what I found—similar garbage baskets that are common in most towns. Since there is little automotive traffic on many village streets, these could serve for dozens of neighborhood courses. At a bare minimum, it’s ready target golf. At best, it’s easier to make a basket with one of these than it is to cut up a fifty-gallon drum!

Now Latin America needs a disc golf Johnny Appleseed! Hand out the discs, teach people the throws and let them choose which neighbor’s trash basket is the #1 hole. A cautionary note: if you try it, keep your tosses low. Scaling the walls that surround some houses could be a new form of hazard, especially when they feature dogs, concertina wire, broken bottles or a mixture of all three.

So when you travel south of the border, take a few extra discs with you and plan a game around town. Traveling light? Try my three favorite travel discs: Driver — Discraft XL Elite Z; Midrange — Discraft Elite Z Buzz; Putter — Innova Aero DX (a good all - weather putter). If you don’t have garbage baskets to use for practice or impromptu games, why not buy yourself a few real disc golf baskets! features disc golf baskets at all price levels and reasonable shipment costs. If you're after starter sets of golf discs, try this link for golf disc bundled specials.

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