Scott Stokely Video Volume 1 Review

Throw a Better Backhand
Scott Stokely’s Disc Golf Instructional Series, Volume 1

If your goal is to throw backhand for more than four hundred feet, than you want this video. The main focus of Volume 1 in Scott Stokely’s Disc Golf Instructional Series is getting as much distance as possible from your drives. Modifications for accuracy are discussed, but these play a small role in this part of the series. Grip it and rip it could be the motto for this presentation.

Stokely begins by explaining the three most important factors in the grip. While various grips are demonstrated, he allows you to select the grip that best fits your hand size and normal disc selection. Next, the basic X-step or Scissors Step throw is explained and demonstrated. Stokely believes this to be the easiest throw for backhand distance, and it’s the foundation of the video.

From there you get an explanation of what to do with your wrist, how to execute your back swing and the proper form for the follow through. An especially helpful tip comes in the follow through section, which by itself will help many people lower their scores and improve their distance, whether they elect to use the X-step or not.

Stokely’s pace is not slow, so you move through each part fairly quickly. Review is enabled by a highlights list at the end of each section, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything if the speed of the explanation was too fast. At the very end of the video, various drives are demonstrated in slow motion from different angles, after you’ve had the opportunity to absorb all of the principles.

Interspersed between the parts of the drive are brief tips in course management. Again, many beginning and even intermediate golfers lose numerous strokes by not following disc golf common sense. These tips add a mental aspect to the physical techniques demonstrated for game improvement.

You will also receive a visual demonstration of disc release and flight terms (such as hyzer and anhyzer), how to complete a 360-degree release for super distance, and Stokely’s idea of the nine disc types that should be found in every golf bag (with a Discraft bias).

While the production quality is not the greatest in terms of cinematography or sound mastering, the pace is right, the instructions are clear and the presentation provides material for every ability level. Scott’s methods are a great start to a top-level backhand for beginners/intermediates and will undoubtedly also provide fodder for an advanced player’s game.

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