Scott Stokely Video Volume 2 Review

Better Sidearm, Overhead and Roller Throws
Reviewing the Scott Stokely Disc Golf Instructional Series, Volume 2

Scott Stokely continues his no-frills video workshops dedicated to improving your game with the second volume of the Scott Stokely Disc Golf Instructional Series. This presentation covers the sidearm throw, roller and overhand shots and the mental aspects of tournament disc golf. Thrown in are professional tips that lead to better course management.

The sidearm throw is Stokely’s favorite driving method and he has distilled this technique down to a simple and easily repeatable system of launching your discs for mega-distance. Clear visuals illustrate and explain the possible grips. Stokely then demonstrates the value of a straightforward three-step run-up to the drive and explains how to balance the demands of throwing strength and speed with better disc flight. Each set of instructions is repeated with a visual outline of the steps. Demonstrations of each throw are immediately followed by slow-motion repetitions from multiple angles.

The next set of lessons features all the “trick” shots you might ever need for a drive or approach on the golf course. The Grenade, multiple roller and high overhead shots like the Tomahawk and Stokely also gives you a view into his method for managing the mental game at disc golf tournaments. While you will likely be rewinding and replaying portions of the first two features on sidearm and “trick” throws, this section merits a single viewing. You will benefit, however, from the continuing part of this series, the professional tips for course management interspersed between the other sections. Applying the lessons from these brief vignettes will save a considerable number of strokes for every disc golfer.

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