Scott Stokely Video Volume 3 Review

Save and Shave Some Strokes
Reviewing the Scott Stokely Disc Golf Instructional Series, Volume 3

In my circle of disc golf friends, I am the best putter. That sounds like bragging, but it’s simply an observation and a comment on the need to improve my approach shots. So you might think that an instructional video that is focuses on putting would not be of much interest for a golfer with a decent putting stroke. Think again—the Scott Stokely Disc Golf Instructional Series, Video 3, breaks down the putt into so many parts that you are certain to come away with a better understanding of your own stroke and how to improve it.

The grip, the stance, the toss and style of putting, setting your putting line and making modifications for wind and approach angle are all thoroughly discussed and demonstrated. The tip on uphill putting alone can save a stroke or two every round for golfers playing in hilly terrain. Plus, you will learn two alternate putting methods to use when obstacles present themselves, including the especially useful turbo putt (or pizza putt, as some call it).

Out of all the videos and their instruction, visualizing Stokely’s wrist-free approach to putting may be the beginner’s most difficult task yet. Nevertheless, results should readily come with practice and putting is fortunately one skill you can try inside most backyards.

The Stokely approach to mid-range shots is also demonstrated. This may be a surprise to some and it will not work for the long holes on your course, but it will simplify the task and is primarily designed for tournament play.

The same can be said for Stokely’s advice on exercise. This section is for the upcoming tournament player, not the disc golfers I see on area courses. For example, Stokely encourages drinking plenty of water. Water! The only water I see weekend disc golfers consuming comes in 12-packs laced with large quantities of hops, barley and malt. As for stretching, I see some old T-shirts doing plenty of that, because of too much “water,” but maybe some viewers will consider it for their muscles after hearing Stokely out on the matter.

Stokely’s prior videos have all focused on driving. Putting is less glamorous than a monster drive, but it’s where you save and shave strokes. If putting is your weakness, or you want to understand the mechanics of a solid putt, the final video in Scott Stokely’s Disc Golf Instructional Series will fit your needs. Enjoy the interspersed professional tips and the demonstrations of discs from the Discraft line after learning about the shot that ends the hole.

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