Innova Drivers

Since 1983 Innova has been developing the neccessary disc golf equipment to it's community. Innova has one of the most popular and complete lines of golf discs. Their multitude of models is catered to not only advanced players, but also to beginner and intermediate players. To find out more about Innova's Champion, Pro Line, and DX golf discs, please click the category below. If you prefer to view all of innovas disc golf drivers, scroll down below.

Innova's flight description:

  • Speed(1-10) is how quickly a disc cuts through the air, where 10 is the fastest.
  • Glide(1-7) is how much "carry" or "float" a disc has where 7 is the most.
  • The flight of the disc is broken into two phases and rated individually.
  • High Speed Turn is the first part and is rated from -5 (most understable) to +1 (most overstable).
  • Fade is the end of the flight and it is rated from 0 (stable) to 5 (overstable).
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