June 2004

Honoring friends is easy; follow the script  Jun 18, 2004
" I have been in this same scene so often that, as Yogi Berra said, it was like "Deja vu all over again. " The structure of public events in this little town is usually the same -- music, opening remarks, speeches, presentations, an original verse, more music, closing remarks and refreshments. It is not all that different from a morning prayer church service. The predictable format may not be original, but at least you know what to expect, which for me is much preferable to the free-form... (Anchorage Daily News)

Russian River Sanctuary will open Friday morning  Jun 18, 2004
24 hours of disc golf. Head to Westchester Lagoon at 10 a.m. Saturday for a 24 hour disc golf marathon to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which funds cancer research. (Anchorage Daily News)

Self development , guide Sopan Greene  Jun 8, 2004
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FYI: Disc Golf  Jun 7, 2004
Disc golf if popping up from Boise to Baghdad ... "Timmy is the Phil Mickelson of disc golf," observes the spectator standing next to me ... "Two good rounds, one bad one." He's referring to Timothy Gill, a strapping 28-year-old all-American kid from Minnesota who has never won a major tournament in his eight years as a touring professional disc golfer. (Forbes)

Golf course may be added to Huckleberry Park  Jun 4, 2004
The Hannibal Parks Department is considering a request to allow a disc golf course to be built there. Disc golf, which is often referred to as "Frisbee golf," is played pretty much like the traditional game of golf ... The proposal to create a disc golf course locally came from members of the Hannibal Flying Disc Golf Club (HFDGC). (Hannibal Courier Post, MO)

Outdoors : Dress for success in BDU pants  Jun 4, 2004
Now I can keep my extra camera lenses, spare flies, disc golf scorecards, several writing implements, various knives and my reporter's notepad right on my person. It has allowed me to leave the "man purse" at home. (Wyoming Tribune Eagle)

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